A New Professionalism Bill Bordass and Adrian Leaman,
Editorial to special issue of Building Research and Information journal, 41,1, pps 1-7, 2013

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Building Research and Information journal Current issue A New Professionalism issue


A New Professionalism

A New Professionalism? : Issue contents

W. Bordass and A. Leaman. A new professionalism: remedy or fantasy? Download

S Hill, D Lorentz, P Dent and T Lützkendorf. Professionalism and ethics in a changing economy.
D Hughes and Hughes. Professionalism and professional institutions in times of change.
K Janda & Y Parag. A middle-out approach for improving energy performance in buildings.
S Jaradat, J Whyte and R Luck. Professionalism in digitally-mediated project work.
U Hartenberger et al. A shared built environment professional identity through education and training.
M Bonham. Leading by example: new professionalism and the government client.
J Connaugton and J Meikle. The changing nature of UK construction professional service firms.

I Aho. Value-added business models: linking professionalism and delivery of sustainability.
F Duffy and A Rabeneck. Professionalism and architects in the 21st century.
C Twinn. Professionalism, sustainability and the public interest: what next?