Usable Buildings is a free resource for practitioners, managers, building owners, developers, students and anyone else who wants to make buildings more suitable for the people who use them, less damaging to the natural environment and a better long-term investment. Usable Buildings is run by the Usable Buildings Trust.

The Usable Buildings Trust is a UK educational charity, dedicated to improving the performance of buildings in use.  We try to understand how buildings actually work in practice, and create a feedback loop from in-use performance to improved delivery by the organisations that can make a difference.  We were set up in 2002, because buildings policy and research was becoming too focused on construction, and doing little on performance in operation in the hands of their users. UBT spreads findings through its website, user groups, collaborative working and input to postgraduate courses. UBT is also a home for approaches which are not quite ready for widespread application and an incubator for their development. Aims Background

Who we are and what we do: Trustees' Report summarises activities and plans. What Do We Do?