The Portfolio originated as a 'proof of concept' draft from the Feedback Partners in Innovation project. It is now maintained and updated by UBT and contributing funders.

What is it for?

To help designers, building owners, researchers and others interested in the performance of buildings locate details of techniques that may be used for obtaining feedback from occupied buildings.

Who maintains it?

Adrian Leaman and Bill Bordass on behalf of the Usable Buildings Trust.

How does it work?


Click in the window you want to print, and use the browser's Print command.

How to make the text bigger or smaller

Can I contribute?

Yes. We are happy to consider suggestions for content.

Our approach

We try to make information freely available and encourage people to share theirs. If you discover any links that do not work, please tell us and we will change them.The information is provided in good faith. If you find mistakes, please let us know.

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